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Important check list before selling or renting

10 questions to ask –yourself– before renting or buying an apartment. Do not make the mistake of renting something that you will regret later!

CHECK-LIST before buying an apartment / HOUSE:

  1. Verify that the person who sells the property to us is the real owner. This is quick to ask for a simple note at the Land Registry.
  2. Verify the house’s square meters (useful and built) because when buying a home we pay for the built. If the owner does not provide it, go to the cadastre and ask for it.
  3. Check that there is sufficient electrical voltage in the house.
  4. Check the water pressure: if it comes out with enough force.
  5. Check that the appliances, if any, are working properly.
  6. Ask about the state of the electrical installation and plumbing. Especially if the house is second-hand.
  7. Ask if the ITE has passed or if there are any pending bills in the Community.
  8. Check that the walls do not have cracks or inherited dampness.
  9. Visit the neighbourhood day and night so you don’t get any surprises later.
  10. Attend a neighbour’s meeting, if you can or are allowed, it is important to know who you have as neighbours.

CHECK-LIST before renting an apartment / HOUSE:

  1. The same as with the sale and purchase: verify that the person who rents you is the owner of the property.
  2. Ask if the house has heating or air conditioning and if the heating is central or individual.
  3. Ask if pets are accepted.
  4. Ask if there is a concierge and what hours they have.
  5. Take a walk around the neighbourhood to see if there are green areas nearby or if it changes a lot between night and day. Observe your future neighbours, where are the supermarkets.
  6. Ask how the heating is, because underfloor heating consumes less than if it is electric heating, for example.


In addition, we offer a House Sitting service, if during the stay the client wants more help, we offer it.

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