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What do we offer


We offer 4 services: rental furniture, house maintenance, interior design and home staging.

Rental Furniture

We have worked out 3 packages: studios, apartments and flats, with each package including the main furniture you need to start living in your new home in Madrid.

Additionally, we offer a large variety of objets and furniture which can be rented individually in order to provide a more personal touch and additional warmth to your home.



How does furniture rental work? We offer different packages depending on the total square meters of your home.

home maintenance

From small repairs to set the mail maintenance of your home.

We take care of all the details and bureaucracy. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will do our job on time, professionally and lovingly.

We deliver your home ready to move in.

Our goal

We guarantee your peace of mind. With us your home is in the best possible hands.

Home Staging

A home must be prepared if we want to convert it into the most attractive on the market. In order to find the best match your home will receive an overall makeover from the inside as well as from the outside.

Home staging is a marketing tool based on the design of the rooms in order to increase the attractiveness of your house and therefore, shortening the time of sale or rent and at the best possible price.

This technique centres on the transforming of a house into a final attractive product, making it more appealing for the potencial buyer or tenant. It improves the presentation of the house and adapts better to its potential client.

It is a proven fact that when a person enters a house while house hunting , their decision is usually taken in the first 6 seconds after stepping inside.

Everything counts: from the cleaning smell, to the way the furniture is placed and the good vibrations we create. The 5 senses perception is everything in this business.

Some facts

  • On average you need less than 1% investment of the sales price or the monthly rent.
  • The investment in home staging is always less than the 5 – 10% discount you will probably have to give in order to sell or rent your house.

Are you ready to earn more money?

The most important thing

Home staging is not an expense but an investment.

Interior Design

The ideal home is the one that not only seems interesting but is also beautiful and most importantly, is functional for the person who is living in it.

In Amuebla Rent we know that our clients don’t have much free time, which is why we offer an integral service where we take care of each and every part of the project. Firstly, we will analyse your needs and then we will adapt to your budget.

The location, climate, and architectural style of the house as well as the owners, will provide us with all the information needed in order to start working on the project.

Bear in mind

Our caring and professionality makes all the difference.

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