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About us

Amuebla Rent is the result of mixing real estate consulting with home staging.

Amuebla Rent is the synergy of several professionals who, thanks to their professionality, will provide a solution to a so far unsatisfied demand in Madrid: product and furniture designed for rent.



My name is Paloma and since I am a little girl, I have loved art in all its forms: painting, cooking and singing. Among all, what I like the most is to solve problems and work well done.

Home staging for me is like getting up on the stage. In each Project I see a story to tell, a stage to set.

If i had to define myself with one word, that would be: versatile, because I’ve a bachelor degree in Hotel Management by EHL (Lausanne, Switzerland), an MBA in IE Business School, a MDNI, Master of Real Estate Business, by the University of Comillas and a Decoration Consultant degree by Escuela de Decoración de Madrid. Also I’m a singer as well as a music composer. (Spotify: Milla Tu Huella).

I’ve lived abroad for 10 years and this experience has helped me not only to be bilingual in French and English, but also has opened my mind to other cultures and has helped me to better understand expatriates who come to live to Madrid, becase I’ve been also an expat.

“Some people want it to happen, others want it to happen, others have it happen.” —Michael Jordan

Meet Amuebla Rent team

  • Montserrat Pérez Zurita. Furniture Consultant. www.muebase.es
  • Susana Urbina. Art Consultant & Home Stager.
  • Beatriz Ribera. Interior designer.
  • Javier Alonso. Arquitecto. www.jagarquitectura.es
  • Araceli Rodríguez. Photographer.



“The strengths are in our differences, not in our similarities.” — Stephen Covey

Our core values

Proximity · Professionality · Flexibility


We are here to guide you when you changing country or city. We are EuRA Suppliers for Madrid and Spain.

We know Madrid. We’ve been working in the real estate and relocation sector in this city for more than 25 years.

We offer support to companies and families in transition.

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