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About us

Amuebla Rent is the result of mixing real estate consulting with home staging.

Amuebla Rent is the synergy of several professionals who, thanks to their professionality, will provide a solution to a so far unsatisfied demand in Madrid: product and furniture designed for rent.


Paloma, co-founder and CEO, has been working in the real estate business for 18 years now, and has lived abroad for several years, which enabled her not only to gain precious international experience and fluent English and French, but also provided her a wider vision of the needs of multicultural clients.

“Some people want it to happen, others want it to happen, others have it happen.” —Michael Jordan

Meet Amuebla Rent team

  • Beatriz RiberaInterior designer.
  • Araceli RodríguezPhotographer.
  • Javier AlonsoArquitecto. www.jagarquitectura.es



“The strengths are in our differences, not in our similarities.” — Stephen Covey

Our core values

Proximity · Professionality · Flexibility

AHSE members, since 2019

The Home Staging Association in Spain is a non-profit organisation, which has formalised and defined the concept of Home Staging in Spain, in order to popularise and professionalise this new activity in our country.

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