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Any doubts about furniture rental? Here are some FAQs

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you rent to private individual or only companies? Do you rent to tenants apart from landlords?

We work with both, so that’s not matter if you are an individual, ,a company ,a tenant or a landlord, we will delighted to help you.

For example, we rent furniture to private individuals who are willing to sell or rent their houses faster. We do also rent furniture to tenants who have found the house of their dreams but it is not furnished and they do not want to spend money in buying furniture as they don’t know for how long they will living in Madrid. We also rent to international companies that need to furnish their expat employees houses or real estate agencies that want to furnish the houses they have on sale on their portfolio in order to sell them faster and probably for a better Price.

Ofrecemos el servicio en cualquier comunidad de España. Se presupuestará el transporte hasta tu hogar.

2. I see you are in MADRID, Where can you deliver it to?

We offer our service throughout Spain and Portugal, although the large majority of our business is in Madrid. Our warehouse is in Arganda del rey (Madrid) which means that any delivery departs from here. If you need us to deliver and install the furniture (and pick it up after the rental) we have to calculate the transport costs for at least 2 trips. Depending on how far from Madrid is your home, this can significantly increase the rental cost delivery.

3. Is the rental by days, weeks or months?

You can rent by days, weeks or months. You can rent only a coach or whole package for your new home. We are not an international big company, therefore we are flexible.

4. Do you come home to take measurements in order to help me see which furniture fit in my home?

You have the option of telling us what furniture you wish to rent, or on the other hand, we offer you help to select which furniture will go better after visiting your home. We offer this service for FREE. We will visit your home and do the selection for you after we have made your home’s floor plan.

5. Do you offer delivery and installation?

You don’t have to worry about this hassle. Our team will do it for you. There is a small additional charge for this service, depending on your address.

6. How quickly can you arrange a delivery once the contract is signed?

If it is a working day, and the furniture you have chosen is available and the Budget is accepted and paid, we can deliver it to you in a maximum of three days. We try to keep things simple.

7. What happens if something breaks or is damaged? Is there an insurance company?

We hope you take care of your furniture as well as we do. However, we do ask for an additional 25% of the total budget as a deposit, in case something happens. And in the contract you have to sign you will have to refund us in case the furniture or items rented are damaged or broken. So the only time you will have to pay repair/replacement costs is if the damaged/breakage is clearly through misuse.

8. What happens if i need other extra furniture or ítems apart from the ones included in my apartment rental package?

Nothing happens. You can rent all the extra ítems you want. For example, a blanket for your coach or tableware so you can have breakfast since the first day.

9. Apart from furniture, do you rent other ítems?

We have a large variety of decoration ítems, as well as tableware , bed sheets books and towels for rent. Our goa lis to help you feel at home as soon as possible.

10. Can I change the coach model of my package for example?

If you don’t like the furniture included in a package, you can create your own package. You can choose the furniture and objets you feel more connected to. Once you have chosen the furniture and ítems you want, we will prepare you personal Budget in a máximum of 24 hours.

11. Can I see the furniture before renting it?

You can see all the furniture and ítems we have to rent in our web page. It has taken us a long time to take pictures of all the selection we have for you so you don’t have to move from your sofa. We give faith that all we have is in Good shape (we are Young company of only 2 years old and we are lucky to have well educated clients who take care of our furniture.) We are not a shop, so we have all of your furniture in a warehouse outside Madrid covered and ready to rent. That is why is not able to go and visit it.

Thank you to our complete web site, we have approached our furniture to your home so need to worry.

12. Do you offer a design service? As i have not time or Good taste to choose the right furniture for my home.

If you wish us to do the selection for you, we will be delighted to do so. We need to go to your home in order to take measurements, assess spaces and Access and basically get a feel for which furniture will work for you and your needs. This service is FREE of charge. For big houses, ask for Budget.

13. How do I pay?

Before we make the first delivery, we will require you to make initial payment in advance of the first monthly rent, the deposit and the transport cost by bank transfer.

For ongoing rentals, if your rental is for more than a month , we will ask you to pay by direct debit, monthly, from a Spanish bank account during the first week of each month.

14. I am abroad, how can i do the rental?

We can do all the process online. You can sign the reservation document to make sure you have the furniture waiting for you when you come to Madrid.

15. Is there a rent-to-buy option after lease?

If you have fallen in love with our furniture like we have we do offer this option to our clients. Once your renta lis finished, what we do, is that we order the new furniture you wish to buy and meanwhile you can rent them.

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