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Deco Lightning

The objects are visible because they emit light or because they reflect it.

In this article we do not want to talk deeply about light conception, rather we want to study the role that light has in architecture and interior design. The orientation of the house, how the Windows are distributed and the geographical distribution of the house determines the enlightenment.

Nowadays, we have the most vast spectrum available in lighting objets. They do not only produce light but also are a decoration objet by themselves. In Amuebla Rent we give a lot of importance to light, that is why we always count with the profesional opinión of Oliva lighting in all of our projects.

Today I’d to talk about decoration lighting, the one that has more a practical function than a decorative one. Colours, shapes and textures will help us to determine the lightning of each room.

Table lamps encompass all lighting sources made to be placed on a surface. Depending on the function and decoration purposes of each lamp, the lamp shade or power will vary.

I will share with you some of the bedside table lamps which are nice and not too expensive:

  • BICOCA: is one of my favourites. Design of Christophe Mathieu (2017) for the Spanish lamp manufacturer Marset. You can rent from our catalogue. This lamp is portable, colourful ,light and charges as a cell phone.
  • BUONANOTTE: Designo f G. L. Gorgoni (1965) for Stilnovo. A modern classic. The funniest part of this lamp is that you can open it or close it letting the light pass or not at your convenience.
  • DOLL: Design of Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini. If you look for something simple but fresh, this is your option. It simulates a lantern.
  • LAMPADINA: Design of Achille Castiglioni (1972) for Flos. A classic option at as a uncontested Price.
  • NH light fixture/table: design by Neri & Hu (2017) for Artemide. This is a funny lamp because it can be used as a light fixture or table lamp.
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