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Stories Bookcase

Model name
Jonas Søndergaard
Measures (Alto x Ancho x Profundidad)
148cm x 110cm x 35cm


Year 2020.
STORIES is a flexible shelving unit, where you can put the things you love the most on display and share your life stories.‎ STORIES consists of 4 shelves, where one has a hole with a brass plate for your small bits and bobs.‎ The shelving unit also comes with three wooden trays that has a Venetian cane front making it easy to beautifully hide away your messy stuff.‎ STORIES can be expanded to the size you need and personalized with the several shelving accessories, including a glass bowl, extra storage trays and a side table.‎

STORIES is made from oak and has a simple visual attraction with its four conical legs that creates an agile and dainty appearance.‎ The shelving system comes with four brass feet that can be adjusted and levelled to the slanting floors often seen in the old apartments of Copenhagen.‎

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